SQ PRO Smoothie Maker

SQ PRO Smoothie Maker

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Removable Blades

With the Twist'n'Blitz you can mix up your favorite drinks or recipes as often as you want as the removable blades on the Twist'n'Blitz make it super easy to clean quickly


Anti-slip Feet

Four Anti-Slip Feet help to secure the Twist'n'Blitz firmly in place when using the product so you never have to worry about holding the blender in position during use.

Spill-proof Lids

The unique one-touch spill-proof lid and wider drink spout make it easier to take big gulps of water and seal it back up quickly for no mess.

One-touch Button

With the one-touch button the Twist'n'Blitz can turn hefty chunks into smooth mixtures with no effort required. Use this button as many times as you require to blend your ingredients to your ideal consistency.