5pcs None Stick Die Cast Casserole Pot Set

5pcs None Stick Die Cast Casserole Pot Set

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This cookware set is defined by elegance, inspired by tradition, and combined with modern technology.

  • Manufactured from premium die-cast aluminum which distributes heat evenly
  • Ceramic nonstick coating on the inside allows for healthier cooking with less fat.
  • 100% compatible with induction, gas, electric, halogen and glass ceramic hobs
  • Heat Resistant tempered glass lids
  • Designed by UK based product specialists
  • Suitable for oven use (without the glass lid)

Product Specifications

Casserole 1: Diameter/Width: 32cm | Height: 15.5cm | Internal Capacity: 10.0L

Casserole 2: Diameter/Width: 30cm | Height: 14.5cm | Internal Capacity: 8.0L

Casserole 3: Diameter/Width: 28cm | Height: 12.5cm | Capacity: 6.0L

Casserole 4: Diameter/Width: 24cm | Height: 11.3cm | Capacity: 4.0L

Casserole 5: Diameter/Width: 20cm | Height: 9.0cm | Capacity: 2.5L

What’s in the box?

- Non Stick Cookware set

- Complete use, care and cleaning instructions