Questions & Answers

Question: Why have I not received my order?

Answer: There could be a number of reasons for a late delivery, for example, 1. Your order came in on our Shipping date, which we would have to wait till the next shipping date to send out your order. ..

2. Maybe we do not have your order available at our warehouse at the time of your order. Always check your emails to know if any messages concerning delayed delivery.


Question: Does JCMart charge for delivery?

No we do not charge for deliveries, orders are to be picked up at our depot in Vieux Fort. We are working on opening a depot in Castries soonest. 


Question:  What happens if my order is damaged?

Answer: If an order is damaged, our customers are given 2 choices.

 1. You will be refunded part of your money

2. We keep it and ship out a new one to you. 


Refund Policy 

If you didn't receive your order within 6 weeks and not able to reach a conclusion with JCMart. We are happy to refund you cash at the store. 

Why 6 weeks? 

We are going through a pandemic at this time, most businesses globally are experiencing delays from time to time. We have not had to deal with delays, but in any case, if we do, then we are happy to work with all of our customers to give them an excellent experience with our company. 

If you receive an order that you are not happy with, we are very happy to do exchanges or refund your money.